Simplus range Switches and Sockets

Panasonic switches


Significantly, below points make Panasonic one of the best brand of Switches and Sockets in Pakistan.

  • Panasonic assures safety and comfort for the End User by premium Quality Simplus Switches and Sockets.
  • Fireproof Urea Resin material is used for socket body. It prevents flames from spreading, in case of a wire fire.
  • As matter of fact, Urea Resin material is the best material for electrical sockets which has excellent property against fire and electric hazards.
  • Moreover, Panasonic uses excellent quality conductor materials, for maximum current flow with low heat generation.
  • Face plates materials are also of high quality PC (Polycarbonate) that resists color fading when constantly exposed to room Light or Sun Light.
  • The highly durable PC material is resistant to scratches if brushed by finger-nails or a key. 
  • Importantly, the Simplus switch handles are integrated with the base plate, so there is no need to install them separately.

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