Garden Lighting

Garden lighting enhances the beauty of your garden and creates a more inviting atmosphere.
It provides safety and security by lighting up pathways and dark areas and allow you to enjoy it after dark.

Garden lights create a focal point in the garden, such as an outdoor seating area, plants and trees. It creates dramatic effects and adds ambience and atmosphere to special occasions such as outdoor parties.

Different types of garden lighting fixtures such as bollards, posts, wall mounted lights, spotlights, and string lights can be used to create different effects and moods in a garden.
Bollards illuminate Pathways and Borders, while poles provide overhead lighting or highlight architectural elements. Wall lights highlights architecture, while spotlights draw attention to specific plants or trees.
Overall, these create a variety of different effects and atmospheres, making it a versatile and important part of any garden design.
When selecting outdoor or garden lighting, it is important to consider the IP rating of the lighting.
The IP rating indicates the degree of protection from water and dust, with a minimum of IP44 required and a maximum of IP68 recommended.
For higher levels of protection, an IP68 rating is the highest available, This means the light is dust-tight and can be submerged in water up to a depth of 1m.

Ecolux offers high quality branded Garden lights that meet international standards to ensure consumer safety.


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