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Door Video Phone

Door Video Phone Stylish Design and Rich Features: 7″- Wide Screen monitor (Easy-to-See clear picture from 7-inch Wide Screen) Voice Changer (This function makes woman’s voice sounds (higher keys) like a man’s (lower keys) Picture Recording (up to 400 Pic / 50 Visitors, 8 still images per visitor) PBX Compatible (Only Panasonic PBX) Easy installation


LED Bulb

Overall, Venus offers high quality LED lighting solutions. It includes residential, commercial and Industrial COB Down lights, SMD Down lights, flood lights, Street lights,  2X2 Feet & 1×4 feet Office Panels. Further more, its also offers high quality LED Bulbs. Venus also offers high quality decorative Chandeliers, hangings, indoor wall lights and many more. Aesthetically

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