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About Ecolux:

Ecolux Electrical Co. Pvt. Ltd has long and impressive history in the business of lighting & electrical products. In Short, the business experience is in import, export, distribution and RND for suppliers. Particularly, this is for indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, garden lights, switches and sockets, protection devices like MCB, MCCB, ETC.

What’s more, Ecolux Electrical Co. Pvt. Ltd. is the exclusive home of some of the world’s premium brands and products in Pakistan, including names like Panasonic, Fumagalli, Lutec, Venus, Tec mar, and more.

We are Ecolux Group. We pride ourselves, by providing excellent quality branded products, services of superior quality and values that improve the lives of the people. People are at the heart of our company. We see our strength in trust, diversity and progress. We stand by our values: passion for quality, enjoyment of life, respect for people.

Panasonic is a world leading manufacturer of electrical switches and sockets. They have more than 100 years of history of manufacturing. Panasonic assures safety and comfort for the end users. Particularly, it complies to IEC, BS, SASO and EQM standards.
Moreover, Sheets are available in various design concepts, like basic white, metallic refined colors, screw-less design. Hence, these are suitable for all type of today’s living and working environments.

Panasonic Switches and Sockets

Panasonic LED Lights

Further to, Switches and sockets, Panasonic provides consistent glare free light output, premium quality LED lights.
These are available in various design, sizes, wattages and CCT range.

Panasonic Air Solutions

Panasonic ensure comfort in life by premium quality Fans (including Ceiling, Wall, Pedestal & Cycle fans.) and Exhaust Fans (including Wall & Ceiling Fans) with value added functions and features.
Further more, the advance design, along with an improved motor enhance the fan performance effectively.
More over, Energy saving is attained by reducing power consumption down to 35%.
Hence, Panasonic ventilating products can be used in various environments, such as homes, offices and hotels.

Panasonic door Video Phone

Stylish design, rich features, state of the art technology and quality innovation makes Panasonic door video phone a premium quality product.
More over, it offers various models of video intercom to flexibly suit size of your house and life style.


Significantly, Fumagalli, offers 100% made in Italy outdoor lights and garden lights.
Particularly, Fumagalli assures life time guarantee against rusting and corrosion.
For this reason, it is an ideal maintenance free option for private gardens, parks, hotels, leisure facilities, and public areas of all description.

These are available in Classic design and modern design.


Lutec makes life smarter. Particularly, they offer high quality classic, modern and professional indoor, outdoor and garden lights.
Apart from this, these are ideal for today’s lighting requirements of energy saving and smart lighting.
In Short, the product range includes, outdoor wall lights, garden lights, SMD down lights, COB down lights, flood lights, Hibay lights, Tunnel lights, strip lights, Solar outdoor lights, wall lights with sensor and office panels.


Overall, Venus offers high quality LED lighting solutions. It includes residential, commercial and industrial COB down lights, SMD Down lights, flood lights, street lights and office panels.
Further more, it also offer high quality LED bulbs. Venus also offers high quality decorative Chandeliers, hangings, indoor wall lights and many more.

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