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Since 1918, Panasonic has been promoting high Japanese and International quality standards that embody advanced safe design technology. They are world leading manufacture of consumer electronic products, electrical switches & sockets and LED Lighting.
Further more, Panasonic’s cutting edge products are the result of a continuous technical development process that stress security, safety and comfort of the end user. This is seen in the development of Panasonic electric switches and sockets. They incorporate outstanding safety measures to better protect homes from various electrical hazards.

Ecolux has introduced Panasonic premium quality and latest technology switches and sockets in Pakistan at competitive prices. Panasonic wiring devices including electric switches, Sockets and accessories from the Simplus range, are now available across the country through Ecolux. For dealer information nearest to your location Click Here
Panasonic boasts high reliability by compliance with both international and local quality standards. For example; IEC, BS, European RoHS directive, Saudi Arabia’s SASO, and UAE’s Emirates quality mark (EQM) by ESMA.
These are  uniquely designed for both residential and commercial use.


  • Panasonic uses fire proof urea resin material for socket body. In case of a wire fire, It prevents flames from spreading.
  • As matter of fact, The use of Urea Resin material which is safer and more secure has led to improved fire resistance and electric hazard.
  • Most importantly, Panasonic uses excellent quality conductor material, which conducts max current with low heat generation.
  • Moreover, for Durability and reliable safety switch plates and socket face plates materials are also of high quality that resists color fading when constantly exposes to room Light or Sun Light.
  • The highly durable “PC” material is also resistant to scratches if it is brushed by finger nails or a key.
  • Importantly, the switch handles are integrated with the base plate, so there is no need to install them separately.
  • Panasonic Switches Conform to IEC60669-1 and sockets conforms to IEC60884-1, IEC60884-2

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