Vision & Mission

vision and mission

At Ecolux, we are committed to be one of the leading lighting and electrical construction material (ECM) company in Pakistan.

Further, We pride ourselves; by providing excellent quality branded products, services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the people.

Moreover, by giving every staff the respect, power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers, so as one will be proud to work.

Our Values:

Our Values represent what we stand for as corporate citizen, a business partner and an employer. They are reflected in We are Ecolux Group.

Certainly, We are inspired by consumers to the best products and extend that same passion to all of our brands, products and activities. We are brand builders, our global and local brands make our portfolio diverse and unique. 

Above all, People are at the heart of our company. We see our strength in trust, diversity and progress. However, Ecolux stand by its values: passion for quality, enjoyment of life, respect for people. 

Further, We work with our customers and partners to grow together and seek to win with integrity and fairness. Hence, We are convinced that by staying true to these commitments we create value for our customers.

Vision core Values

Vision & Mission

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