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Ecolux has a long and impressive history in the world of international electrical business.
In simple terms, the business experience is in import, export, distribution and research and development (RND) for suppliers. Particularly, it is focused on indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures for commercial, residential and industrial use, along with outdoor garden fixtures, switches and sockets, protection devices and other electrical products.

To put it differently, our history is like a woven fabric that spans across countries and time periods, encompassing historical events and individuals. Above all, we have achieved a lot in the past, yet we feel like we are only getting started. In short, the passion remains as strong today as it was.

To sum up, we are continuing to increase our presence within the emerging markets which will contribute to our ongoing growth to bring the history back to life.

We are pleased, independent and responsible. As the famous saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility”. In short, we are committed to creating the next great chapters in our story. At the Ecolux Group, the opportunities are limitless.
Furthermore, Ecolux holds the exclusive rights to distribute several top-notch global brands in Pakistan. Some notable names include Panasonic (offering Switches & Sockets, LED Lighting, Fans, Door Video Phone), Fumagalli from Italy, Lutec, Venus, and many more.

LED Lighting, Switches & Sockets, Door Video Phone

Outdoor & Garden Lights

Outdoor & Indoor Lights

Commercial & Residential Lights

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