British Standard Panasonic Extension Cords

Panasonic Extension Cord at workstation

Ensure safety and comfort design according to your needs

Fire Retardant

Fire retardant test fire extinguish within 20 seconds in the glow wire test at 850 degree centigrade

Socket Outlets are made of Urea Resin material which is heat resistance and nonflammable that pass the glow wire test

Safety Design

Panasonic extension cable socket equipped with safety shutter and power switch

A safety shutter preventing from electric shock and child safe from poking the finger into the socket. A Circuit breaker automatically cuts off power exceeds 2,900 watts. Power Cable Used 1.5mm²

Modern Design

Panasonic brand modern design extension cables

Be able to match with many interior designs and glow switch design to indicate on/off status.

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Panasonic Extension Cords packed in a blue color box

Product Specs:

Two designs of Panasonic Extension Cords One with three sockets and two usb ports. Another model with four BS-flat pin sockets
✅  Two Models (4 Socket w/o USB & 3-Socket + 2 USB Chargers)
✅ USB Charger 5V 2.1A
✅ Cord Length: 3 meter and 5 meter
✅ Full Rating 2,990w.
✅ 13A Fused Plug Cord 1.5mm².
✅ Overload Protection, Circuit Breaker.
✅ Safety Shutters.
✅ High Heat Resistance – Socket Outlets are made of Urea Resin material which is heat resistant and non-flammable.
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