Switches and Sockets in Pakistan

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Panasonic has unveiled their premium quality wiring devices for the Pakistan market. Panasonic wiring devices includes Light switches,  Electrical sockets and accessories from Simplus range. Further, Panasonic’s Switch sheets have three key features which make it one of the top product in the market – Better Design, Safety, and Quality of Product.


  • It assures safety and comfort for the end user by premium quality switches and sockets.
  • Since, Panasonic uses fireproof urea resin material for electrical socket body. Hence, in case of a wire fire, it prevents flame from spreading.
  • As a matter of fact, urea resin material is the best material for electrical switches and sockets. Because, It has excellent property against fire and electrical hazards.
  • Most Importantly, Panasonic uses excellent quality conductor material for max. current flow which lowers the heat generation.
  • Moreover, face plate is of a high quality poly carbonate material that resist to color fading when constantly expose  to room light or sun light.
  • Further, the durable poly carbonate material is also highly resistant to scratches if brush by finger nails or a key. 
  • Besides, switch handle is integrated with the base plate, so there is no need to install them separately.

Quality Assurance:

Panasonic boasts high reliability by compliance with both international and local standards. For example; IEC, BS, European RoHS directive, Saudi Arabia’s SASO, and UAE’s Emirates quality mark (EQM) by ESMA.
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