Panasonic door Video Intercom System

with Wireless Monitor

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VL-SW274 Panasonic Video Intercom System with Wireless monitor.


  • Highly Expandable:
    Up to 6 additional monitors can be connected to the main monitor using a combination of 7-inch wired monitors and 1.8-inch wireless monitors.
    However, the maximum possible number of 7-inch wired monitors is 3.
  • Wireless Monitor:
    Can connect up to 6 wireless monitors and can use within range of 100m with no obstacles from the main monitor.
  • 7-inch Screen:
    The main monitor and extension monitor have a 7-inch wide screen that offers easy viewing of wide vertical and horizontal views
  • PBX connectivity:
    It can connect to only Panasonic PBX.
  • Voice Change Function:
    This function makes woman’s voice (higher keys) sounds like a man’s (lower keys).
  • Electric Lock Release Support:
    The electric locks can be easily and quickly released using monitors (wired or wireless) from anywhere in the house.
  • Picture Recording Function:
    Eight consecutive still images of visitors are automatically recorded. Up to 50 times, 400 images in total. This ensure you will see every person visiting your home.
  • Night Vision with LED lights (illumination lamp):
    Door station is equipped with LED lights (illumination lamp). It enables the colour display of visitors at a distance of about 50 cm at night.
  • Intercom Calls:
    Intercom Call (Between the main monitor, sub monitor and extension monitor).
  • View Angle:
    Horizontal approx. 87, Vertical approx. 66.
  • Wires:
    0.5 to 1 mm thick wire for connection for door station to main monitor and main monitor to extension monitors. it depends on the distance between devices.
    0.5 to 1.2mm for electric lock depends on type of the locks and distance from main monitor.
  • Wiring: Just 2 non-polar wires for connection between door station to main monitor and 2 non-polar wires to connect main monitor with extension monitors.

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